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Dog Kennel

Leaving your pet when you're heading out for work is hard enough as is, but parting with them for an extended period of time can feel unbearable!

Shuswap Pet Resort understands the pain all too well, we are pet lovers too and know just how much that guilt can eat you up on the inside. The majority of us envision a kennel as a temporary prison, cold, dark and filled with abandoned canines. Well wipe that melodramatic image from your mind because this could not be further from the truth! Gone are the days of stone cold boarding houses and ruthless pet sitters!

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Cat Sitting

As a pet owner, you know that leaving your feline behind isn't fun at all... in fact it can be downright nerve-wracking! That is why Shuswap Pet Resort offers cat sitting services to the residents of Vernon B.C. Our pet caregivers are trained, skilled and take great pride in nurturing your fur baby until you get back home. In fact, your cat will likely feel more rested than you do!

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Doggy Daycare

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by managing the pressures of dog ownership with a full-time career, there is another solution. Bring your barking friend to the fine folks at Shuswap Pet Resort for our doggy day care service. We’re a flexible pet boarding facility that offers solutions to meet the needs of your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re going away on holiday or just need to know your dog will have a safe place to expend its energy while you’re gone for the day, our services are less expensive than hiring both a pet sitter and a dog walker, and you know your beloved pet will be in the care of capable and experienced pet lovers.

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If you are looking for a beautiful dog boarding facility for your canine companion, look no further than Shuswap Pet Resort. Your dog will love our resort so much they won’t want to leave! Call us at (250) 803-6037 today to learn more.


Pet Sitting

Here at Shuswap Pet Resort in Vernon BC we understand how worrisome it can be to leave your pet behind while you’re away. That’s why we’ve built a state-of-the-art sitting facility to ensure that your best, furry friend will be treated with all the care and comforts of a home away from home.

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Pet Boarding

Let’s face it, nobody likes the idea of spending extended periods of time away from our pets.However, if you are like most of the pet owners that we at Shuswap Pet Resort work with, then the chances are that, from time to time, you will need to get out of town without your prized pet in tow.


Long-Term Boarding

At Shuswap Pet Resort, we provide top-quality boarding facilities for long-term pet guests. Our kennels offer all the comforts of home as well as plenty of space for your pet to roam and socialize. They’re the perfect choice for pet owners who are going away and need to know that their pet will be taken care of and loved.

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