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Pet Sitting in Vernon

Here at Shuswap Pet Resort in Vernon BC we understand how worrisome it can be to leave your pet behind while you’re away. That’s why we’ve built a state-of-the-art sitting facility to ensure that your best, furry friend will be treated with all the care and comforts of a home away from home. Our staff consists of compassionate, experienced, and caring professionals who will make sure your fur baby is happy. Our resort includes plenty of green space so that your pet is able to enjoy themselves and roam and play.

Pet Sitting for Dogs

As a guest, your pet will be assigned a caregiver who will quickly acquaint themselves with your dog’s routines. The caregiver will serve as your dog’s primary caretaker, and this staff member will play with, care for, and walk your dog. This method ensures safe, secure and fun outings for all (as well as ample rest post-walk for our older canines). We also have customizable options for you and your dog, from individual play sessions with monitors, to long walks, personalized treats, and a variety of music to choose from, we can customize your dog’s stay according to their needs.

For the duration of your pet’s stay, we provide a kennel, bed and/or blanket, bowl, and a variety of toys. You are also more than welcome to bring your pup’s personal blanket or favorite toys if desired. We want to ensure that your dog feels comfortable and at home throughout their stay. We recommend that you provide food for your dog. A drastic change in environment could cause your dog to stress - which in turn could cause gastric indigestion for those that are more nervous. By keeping their diet consistent, they will be less likely to experience an upset stomach!

Pet Sitting for Cats

Let’s face it, cats are very much creatures of habit, and they are often creatures of comfort. Thankfully for you, by treating them to a stay at Shuswap Pet Resort, you can rest assured that both of these boxes are being checked. Many people believe that moving cats from their home is asking for trouble and while this may be the case for a typical pet boarding facility, this is simply not the case with Shuswap Pet Resort.

Spacious, multi-level condos, equipped with all the toys that your pet cat could desire. For the adventurous kitty, we also have options for walks outside. The resort is filled with plenty of large windows that look out over the property, which serves as the ultimate cat nap spot. Other options for your pet, include: play sessions with our monitors, and specialized treats. Bedding, bowls, and litter. Our attention to detail combined with our desire to make sure that your cat’s stay with us is as enjoyable as possible means that you can rest assured that your cat will be in the safest hands possible while you are out of town.

A Home Away From Home

At Shuswap Pet Resort, we know that some pet sitting facilities have a reputation for being cold and sterile environments, and that is why so many pet owners in the Vernon area sometimes think twice before sending their precious cat or dog to a professional pet sitting service. However, when you come to Shuswap Pet Resort, you can rest assured that your cat or dog will be treated like the VIP that they really are in this home away from home. When you take the time to bring your cat or dog to our pet sitting facility, you can rest assured that the following advantages will be included as standard:

  • • Your pet will be in a safe and secure environment.
  • • Their customary diet and regular exercise routing will be maintained to exactly how they like it.
  • • Our pet care facility is committed to keeping all types of disease to an absolute minimum.
  • • We include dedicated and individual space to ensure that both infections and scrapes are avoided at all times.
  • • Your pet will be happily engaged at all times. This means that diarrhea, anxiety and destructive chewing will be eradicated.
  • • Your pet cat or dog will receive love and personal one-on-one attention from our staff. We will ensure that shy and reserved dogs receive as much attention as our chirpy and boisterous ones.
  • • All the pets we have under our care will be happier here than the would receiving intermittent visits from nearby family or neighbours. Shy pets in general tend to do better in our pet sitting facility than at home and we will always treat every pet we work with like they are our own.

Shuswap Pet Resort Recommendations

Before bringing your dog or cat to Shuswap Pet Resort in Vernon, BC we recommend that you try to include the following items on your checklist:

  • Vaccines: given that we are home to multiple animals, vaccines are necessary to keep all guests happy and healthy. Vaccines such as DHPP, Rabies and Bordetella (and FVRCP and Rabies for felines) are recommended before entering our facilities.
  • Flea protection: we recommend that all guests be protected against fleas to ensure a healthy and worry-free stay.

Contact Us at Shuswap Pet Resort in Vernon, BC

If you’re going on vacation, or even just leaving for an overnight conference, contact us at Shuswap and treat your pet to a Vernon, BC vacation while you are away! Whether it is for one night or one month, a stay at Shuswap Pet Resort is a treat that will not be forgotten quickly by your feline or canine friend. Don’t feel guilty for taking a family vacation or leaving town for work, instead see it is as an opportunity for your pet to have a holiday of their own in a safe and secure environment with the opportunity to socialize with other cats or dogs. Trust us, you’ll be glad you called.