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Pet Sitting in Salmon Arm

At Shuswap Pet Resort, we understand that your pet is a part of your family. And just because you can’t bring your pet to work or out of town with you, these are not reasons to deprive your best friend of comfort and care.

Our professional service as well as the exceptional care we offer your pets has built us a strong reputation in Salmon Arm. We only offer the best for your beloved pet. When your pet stays at Shuswap Pet Resort, they get individual care and attention from our trained staff of animal lovers to ensure they are well cared for.

What sets Shuswap Pet Resort apart from any other pet sitting service in Salmon Arm is our facilities. We are equipped with spacious outdoor and indoor kennels so your pet is free to come and go as they please. You don’t have to worry about your pet being cooped up in a tiny cage while you’re away.

Dog Sitting in Salmon Arm

Is there anything worse than leaving your trusted companion and best friend behind? The Shuswap Pet Resort doesn’t think so. We know firsthand how hard it is for owners to part with their dogs even for a few hours. That’s why we are so proud of our amazing staff and state-of-the-art kennel, because it at least makes leaving your dog with us a little bit easier.

As our guest, your dog will first be assigned a designated caregiver who will be solely responsible for your dog during its stay. This designated caregiver will get acquainted with your dog’s routines, play with it, care for it and walk it regularly. We are equipped with an abundance of toys, music and resting spots.

If your dog requires special considerations during its stay, simply speak with a member of our staff and we will make sure to accommodate it. Whether your dog requires medication or is simply not as social as it used to be, we will find a way to maximize your dog’s comfort.

Whether you are looking for a short-term doggie day care or long-term, overnight stays, we are happy to have your dog as our guest. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your pooch.

Cat Sitting in Salmon Arm

Cats are great pets because they are mostly self-sufficient. However, if you are not comfortable leaving your cat home alone while you’re on vacation or out of town on business, we’ll be happy to have them.

When you leave your cat with the feline-friendly Shuswap Pet Resort staff, you can rest easy knowing that your cat will be fed, hydrated, pet and played with to its heart’s content.

We Accept All Pets!

As dedicated and trustworthy animal lovers, we accept all pets at Shuswap Pet Resort. Dogs, cats, horses, birds and more. Contact us now to find out how our staff and facilities can accommodate your pet.

Why scramble to find a friend to keep your pet happy when you can call (250) 803-6037 and let the professionals take care of your beloved pet while you’re away.

Top-Tier Safety

At Shuswap Pet Resort, your best friend will remain safe and secure at all times. There are a lot of concerns that go into leaving a pet at home alone, but when you bring them to our facility, they will be looked after and have caregivers available to them 24/7.

Founded in 2011, our client base is not only in Salmon Arm but extends to the rest of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, as well as the Northern United States! In five years of business, our quality facility has never wavered in its code of ethical care and safety at all times, which keeps our clients coming back any time they need pet boarding services.

Our staff offer the best in care for your pet—and that’s a guarantee!

Take a Tour

Like a parent leaving their child at daycare for the first time, most of our dog boarding clients like to take a look around our 20-acre facility. We’re more than happy to provide the opportunity to do so! Just give us a call so we can schedule your visit, and allow your canine friend to see their future vacation destination.

Some facilities are great at polishing up their dog kennels and taking calculated photos of their facilities to make them appear better than they are. At Shuswap Pet Resort, you’ll never catch us doing anything of the kind.

Each and every one of our staff members are dedicated to the enjoyment of your pet while they are here, and the cleanliness and safety of the facility they are staying in.

Meet and Greet

Our first meeting is important going forward with caring for your dog, cat, or other furry or feathered friend. In the case of cat sitting especially, we like to ensure that while you’re away our relationship will be a good one. Aggressive animals can pose a danger to themselves and our staff members. so it’s best for everyone to follow through with a meet and greet before booking pet sitting.

Cats as well as dogs can be territorial when it comes to someone new entering into their home, and so the first meeting should always be with their owner on hand the whole time to ensure a comfortable first meeting.

Dedicated to Animals

The Shuswap Pet Resort team loves all animals. Our passion and dedication for pet sitting makes us a leader in our industry, and with state-of-the-art facilities kept clean and comfy for your feline or canine companion, you’ll feel secure in leaving them with us for the time you’re away.

When you’re looking for boarding services or an enthusiastic pet sitter in Salmon Arm, you’re just one call away from Shuswap Pet Resort.