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Pet Boarding in Vernon

We all need vacations away from our pets every once in a while. But who wants their dog to endure a weekend of discomfort? If you want to make sure your pet gets a vacation as good as yours, bring your furry friend to Shuswap Pet Resort! Contact us at (250) 803-6037 today.

Get Peace of Mind with Shuswap Pet Resort’s Cat and Dog Boarding

If you’re about to go on a vacation, you might be asking friends and neighbors about reliable pet sitters who can take care of your cat or dog. Chances are, you’re going to hear a lot of people say that Shuswap Pet Resort’s pet boarding services are the best choice.

Why’s that? Because by the sheer number of animal-loving staff on-site we provide more care, comfort, and services than any individual pet sitter could. And unlike other dog kennels, we’re not impersonal with our pets. Just because we board multiple pets at a time doesn’t mean we aren’t affectionate or attentive to pets on an individual level. On the contrary, with our facilities, you get the best of both worlds.

With the peace of mind our pet resort provides, you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest! Call us today.

Don’t Think of it as a Pet Kennel, Think of it as a Pet Hotel!

A lot of pet owners feel guilty for leaving their furry companion at a kennel while they fly away to a sunny Caribbean resort. They imagine their pet sitting alone in a cage surrounded by unfriendly animals and unhospitable staff members, cut off from fresh air and sunlight.

Our pet resort is nothing like the kennels you’ve heard about in those horror stories. At our facilities, your pet isn’t just given baseline care—they’re pampered!

After you drop your dog off at our resort, they might be sad to see you go. But by the time you come to pick them up, they’ll never want to leave!

Our Cat and Dog Kennels Come with Every Comfort Imaginable

If you’re worried about your dog being deprived of their favorite comforts, chew-toys, and pastimes, worry no more. We provide your dog with all the customary comforts of home and more! You’re welcome to bring your dog’s favorite toys, cushions, and other comfort objects if you wish. But if you don’t, we’re sure your pet will find ways to entertain itself here!

Doggy Day Care Keeps Your Dog Social!

We won’t keep your dog cooped up in a kennel for hours on end. At Shuswap Pet Resort, we have both indoor and outdoor facilities. Our extensive property gives your dog all sorts of space to roam freely. And they won’t be alone, either. There will be many fun and friendly boarders for your pet to play with if they wish!

Exceptional Pet Kennel Services Courtesy of Our Trained Staff

Here, everyone is an animal-lover. Animals come first, no questions asked. Our staff is attentive and capable of handling even the most delicate and standoffish pets.

Professional Pet Boarding for Vernon

Let’s face it, nobody likes the idea of spending extended periods of time away from our pets. However, if you are like most of the pet owners that we at Shuswap Pet Resort work with here in Vernon, then the chances are that, from time to time, you will need to get out of town without your prized pet in tow. So, whether you need to go to Los Angeles for business or are heading cross-country on a vacation or a family visit, the reality is that you need a safe and secure place for your pets to go. At Shuswap Pet Resort, we provide just that.

Every member of our team is a pet-lover and is dedicated to providing a superior pet boarding service that will not be beat for price for you and convenience for your hairy friend!

What We Offer

Our brightly lit and spacious facilities are the perfect place for your pet’s home away from home. Nestled among the tall pine trees and sweeping mountainous landscapes of the Okanagan region, Shuswap Pet Resort offers the open space and clean air your dog or cat needs to thrive.

Pet Boarding at Shuswap Pet Resort is the ideal option for those who need to go away for a while and feel their pet is properly cared for. We plan everything around the schedule of your pet so that they get the exercise and attention they need.

The Kennel

Our kennel offers roomy cages that allows each pet to interact with others even when they’re not outside. We feel that this stimulation is important to maintain the social wellbeing of each dog. Of course, they’ll also get time to run around, but when they’re resting they need to be happy too!

We’ve also built windows for each cage so that they get plenty of natural light. Natural light is very important for maintaining the natural rhythms of your pet. It allows them to relax when night comes and get excited for activities during the day.

The Amenities

Shuswap Pet Resort isn’t called a resort for nothing! We offer tons of natural green space for our guests to run around and play in. Playing catch, running with other dogs, digging holes, and other adventurous activities await. It’s a vacation, after all. Our staff takes special care to ensure that every dog is cared for during playtime. There’s always someone there to keep a watchful eye making sure that everyone plays safe and has fun.

The Staff

Every member of our team is an animal lover. That means we’re not only here to take care of your pet (of course, that’s a priority!), we’re also here to make sure your pet has a great time. It can be scary for an animal to be away from their owner for a period of time. Sometimes they might react badly. We’re prepared and trained for every possible reaction. We know how to interact with and speak to the animals so that they are comfortable with us.

Each guest will receive an individual care worker who will cater to their needs and natural rhythms. With years of experience in kennels, pet resorts, pet hotels, and training schools, our animal care experts have perfected their human-animal communication styles. They’ll make your pet feel at home and cared for, every second of their stay.

Client Care

It’s not just difficult for pets to be separated from their owners. It’s also difficult for the owners to be separated from their pets. As pet lovers ourselves, we understand. We’ve been there. That’s why we work extra hard to ensure that you are satisfied with our pet resort. We want you to feel happy about leaving your furry family member with us.

Come on by and take a look if you’re curious! We’re sure you’ll like what you see.

Advantages of Dog Boarding for Your Canine Friend

Chances are that if you are like most of our clients in Vernon, then your dog is more than a pet, they are probably one of your best friends too. If this situation sounds familiar to you, then you need to make sure that you bring your dog to a professional boarding service when you are out of town. With that in mind, here are four advantages of a professional dog boarding service that your dog will receive when they stay with us:

  1. Professional Attention: Our trained team of dog staffers will care for your dog to the highest possible standard. In the case of an emergency, each member of our team will know how to administer your pet’s medicine and give them treatments while they wait for your return home.
  2. Medical Care: We understand if you are worried that your dog may not be able to settle in a professional boarding service because they require medication every day. However, the simple fact of the matter is that our skilled and dedicated team of trained employees are trained to give your pets the dose of medicine that they require each day.
  3. Proper Exercise: What many people fail to realize is that pets, and especially dogs, need exercise every single day. They also require nutrition in order to ensure that they are as healthy as possible. What this means is that leaving your dog at home for an extended period of time without exercise is just not an option and that is why so many dog owners in the local area use our service.
  4. Safety: Finally, by enlisting the services of our dog boarding service, you can go on vacation safe in the knowledge that your pet won’t be out and roaming the streets.

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As one of the premier professional boarding services in the Vernon area, Shuswap Pet Resort provides an exceptionally lush and relaxing environment for all types of pets. So, whether you are a proud poodle-parent or a someone who is lucky enough to be a tabby-cat owner, then you can be guaranteed that they will have a home away from home with us.