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Long Term Boarding in Sicamous

Your pet is part of the family. Unfortunately, your upcoming family vacation destination doesn’t allow animals. What do you do? The answer’s simple. If you want your pet to be treated as part of the family, the only place to call is Shuswap Pet Resort.


At our premier long-term boarding facility, your animal will enjoy fresh air, companionship, and tender loving care. We cater our overnight experiences to your animal’s unique temperament, habits, and preferences. You might even consider our services as your pet’s own holiday retreat. Call us today at (250) 803-6037 for more information.



Our Overnight Pet Boarding Facilities

Much like humans, physical exercise is crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. That’s why our outdoor area is designed to be spacious. Your pet will have ample room to run around and play (with friends!) in the fresh air.


When bedtime rolls around, you can expect us to lodge your animal in a safe and comfortable individual bed. And if during the night, your animal finds the unfamiliar environment unsettling, rest assured our caregivers are ready at all hours to calm them down and soothe their fears.   


Personalized Long-Term Pet Boarding

However long your beloved pet is staying with us, we want to get to know them. Upon arrival, we’ll have you fill out a detailed form so we can learn about your pet’s unique needs. Your animal’s temperament, nutrition requirements, favorite pastimes, and toys are just some of the things we want to know. We strive to make your pet as comfortable as possible. We do this by caring for your animal as close as we can to the way you do it at home.


Additional Services

If you’re going on vacation, why not give your pet a holiday as well? Our pet resort offers a variety of optional services for affordable prices. Pamper your animal with our add-on luxuries that include:


  • Walks or Jogs
  • Tickles, Hugs, and Brushes
  • Treats
  • Extra Playtime
  • Baths

We also offer flexible feeding options for your convenience. If your pet has special dietary restrictions, feel free to bring your own food along. We'll modify our prices accordingly. If not, we provide top-of-the-line, nutrient-dense meals to our animal guests every day.


Dog Boarding or Cat Boarding? We Have Both!

We are pleased to lodge both our canine and feline friends. Forget the terms dog-person or cat-person. Our caregivers are animal-lovers. We guarantee a personalized stay to both animals, and despite their differences, we’ll love them with the same passion.


Your Animal Will Love Overnight Pet Boarding at Shuswap Pet Resort

Your pet’s safety, comfort, and health are our priority during the length of their stay. Whether you need long-term dog boarding or long-term cat boarding, we guarantee your animal will have plenty of sunshine and good, clean fun at our resort. We do everything we can to create a secure and happy atmosphere for all our furry friends. Discover more about your pet’s home away from home. Give our team a call.