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Kennel in Vernon

If you are looking for a beautiful dog boarding facility for your canine companion, look no further than Shuswap Pet Resort. Your dog will love our resort so much they won’t want to leave! Call us at (250) 803-6037 today to learn more.

Going on Vacation? Drop Your Dog Off at a Dog Hotel for a Vacation of Their Own!

It is a little ironic that before we embark on any relaxing vacation, we are inundated with stress and panic. There are simply just too many things to take care of before you step on the plane. You need to do those last-minute loads of laundry, clear out your day planner, and stock up on all the sunscreen and allergy pills you can fit in your travel bag.

For some, the biggest source of panic and worry pertains to their pet. Who can they trust to look after their dog? Will their puppy be OK without them?

Many dog owners in Vernon have found a solution, and it is right in their backyard. Before they make their way to the airport, they drop their dog off at the best pet resort in the city. Whether you’re looking for a short-term or long-term stay, we can help you!

What Makes Our Dog Boarding Facility Stand Out?

While our dog kennels are a godsend to a lot of pet owners, the satisfaction of dog owners is secondary to us. Our first and foremost priority is the comfort, safety, and enjoyment of the dogs themselves.

When a dog is well-fed, looked after, and cared for, the dog is happy and so is the dog owner. Other facilities are no more than holding cells for canines, but ours is a full-fledged canine paradise!

A Pet Kennel That’s More Like a Puppy Palace

At our dog-only resort, your four-legged friend will have ample opportunity to nap, socialize, and roam to their heart’s content. Their individual sleeping quarter will be fitted with comfortable cushions, toys, and more.

Our Pet Boarding Facilities Cater to Dogs of All Breeds and Sizes

Every dog, big or small, enjoys a comfortable stay in our dog kennels. These kennels of ours aren’t cells or cages; they’re spacious resting areas that the dogs are free to nap and sleep in as they wish. Rest assured; no dog feels cramped in our facilities.

Your Dog Gets Their Own Dog Daycare Caregiver

We make sure every dog gets the attention they deserve, no matter what their needs are. Every dog that comes to our kennel gets their very own caregiver who watches over them from morning to night. We’ll monitor their food intake and also administer any of their regular medications if necessary.

Indoor and Outdoor Playtimes: See What Our Dog Kennel Has in Store

Dogs are not confined indoors. All our dogs have ample opportunity to run and play in our spacious outdoor area.

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