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Doggy Daycare in Salmon Arm

Are you looking for someone to look after your dog while you go on vacation? Take your four-legged friend to Shuswap Pet Resort. We’ll make sure your dog’s vacation is as great as yours! Contact us at (250) 803-6037 to hear more about our kennel services.

Give Your Dog a Vacation

If you are in the process of planning a big getaway, you probably have a lot of things on your mind. One thing is your dog. You’re worried that your dog is going to be sad while you’re gone, or you’re worried about whether your dog is going to get enough love and attention.

When your dog is cared for in our state-of-the-art facility, they’re on a vacation of their own. They’re pampered, played with, and entertained to their heart’s content. You won’t need to waste your vacation worrying about your puppy’s well-being, because our staff and facility are puppy-friendly and family-approved!

Curious about our facility? Stop by at your convenience or call us to schedule your first visit!

We Welcome Visitors

If a dog kennel employee is wary of unannounced visits from pet owners, that’s a sure-fire sign they’re not living up to their advertisements. To give our clients peace of mind, we welcome them to tour our facility any time they like. When they’re at Shuswap Pet Resort, they’ll see just how wonderful our pet resort truly is. It’s not just a concrete room filled with cages, it is a space designed to provide dogs with the highest level of comfort and enjoyment.

Indoor and Outdoor Facility

Our kennels are spacious, and your dog is free to come and go from their kennel as they please. When they walk out of the kennel, they have lots of space to roam. Your dog will have the freedom to explore our indoor and outdoor grounds as they wish (weather permitting). They’ll have space to play, roll around, interact with other dogs or nap on a comfy cushion.

It is our outdoor area that separates us from the pack. Our property is lush, well-kept, filled with greenery and completely secure. Your dog won’t run off, and they’ll be safe from harm.

When You’re Away, Your Dog Will Play

At our pet resort, we don’t command dogs to stay, we tell them to play!

When your pet is under our watch, you won’t have to worry whether they’re getting enough exercise or fresh air. When you are away, your pet is our top priority.

Let Us Get to Know Your Dog

To ensure your pet’s comfort level is optimal, we always ask our clients to fill out a thorough questionnaire. These questions address a variety of issues, such as your dog’s dietary restrictions, their allergies, existing health conditions, their preferences, and more. With this information, we’ll know how to best care for your dog!

The Best Doggy Daycare in Salmon Arm

Want to give your dog a vacation of their own? Contact Shuswap Pet Resort today!