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Dog Kennel in Vernon BC

Shuswap Pet Resort Dog Kennel in Vernon BC

Leaving your pet when you're heading out for work is hard enough as is, but parting with them for an extended period of time can feel unbearable!

Shuswap Pet Resort understands the pain all too well, we are pet lovers too and know just how much that guilt can eat you up on the inside. The majority of us envision a kennel as a temporary prison, cold, dark and filled with abandoned canines. Well wipe that melodramatic image from your mind because this could not be further from the truth! Gone are the days of stone cold boarding houses and ruthless pet sitters!

Shuswap's Vernon BC dog kennel is basically a resort for your pooch, with his/her own blanket, toys, bed and personal caregiver! It'll be like sending your kid off to a really high end summer camp. In fact, your dog will feel like they're on vacation.

Your Dog Will be Given an Personalized Caregiver

Whether you are away from the Vernon BC area for a weekend or a month, Shuswap Pet Resort will treat your pup as one of our own. All dogs are provided with a personal caregiver who will give your pet undivided attention. Our skillful and friendly staff will make sure that your pooch is well taken care of and getting all the affection and attention they need! He/she will be taken on regular walks, have playtime sessions, naps and social time!

If you are worried about leaving your dog with us because he/she is on medication, don't be! Our trusted canine caregiver will be there to administer the prescribed treatments, at the correct intervals. We keep all your pooches information systematically organized so there will be absolutely no mix ups!

Our Dog Kennels are better than a Pet Sitter!

Rather than getting a reluctant friend or family member, or spending weeks searching for a responsible and trusted sitter; you're better off booking a spot at our Shuswap Pet Resort Dog Kennel in Vernon BC. This way that fur baby of yours won't be home alone all day waiting for food and a walk.

Even if the pup sitter you choose is reliable and responsible, it doesn't mean problems won't arise. A lot of things can happen in a day and obstacles can pop out of nowhere.

Complications like: staying late after work, traffic, car trouble and other daily hassles! There is no real assurance that your dog sitter will make it to your place on time! This can be detrimental to your animal's health and wellbeing, especially if your pet is on prescribed and time effective medication.

Contact us today to discuss boarding your dog with Shuswap Pet Resort

If you're leaving the Vernon BC area and are in need of a place that will not only care for your dog but give them undivided attention, then you've come to the right spot.

Shuswap Pet Resort Dog Kennel is one of the best boarding resorts. Our glowing reviews and returning clients are proof of what great hands your cherished pup will be left in. Contact us today to discuss the details or to make a booking now!

You Can Trust Us With Your Pet

Shuswap Pet Resort Dog Kennel has a great reputation in Vernon BC for several reasons, but the main one is that you can always trust us to look after your pooch. Our team is hand-picked and each one of our pet sitters not only has a passion for what they do, they have been professionally trained to take care of animals. That means you are getting quality services guaranteed. We know nothing is too good for your dog, so when you leave your pup at our pet resort you can rest easy knowing they are in very capable and loving hands!

Our Dog Kennel Services

Not sure if Shuswap Pet Resort Dog Kennel is the right place for your dog because they have socialization issues or a particular schedule? Our team will follow your directions perfectly! If your pup is used to eating meals or having play time and a walk at specific times or intervals throughout the day, don’t worry—we’ll keep up with your specific routine. We have a pretty great track record in terms of service, and nearly all our clients are repeat customers.

Indoor and Outdoor Facilities

As pet owners and lovers, the Shuswap Pet Resort Dog Kennel understands that one of the main reasons dog owners choose to arrange for a dog sitter or a friend to watch over their puppy while they are away is because they detest the idea of their best friend being locked up in a tiny pen day and night. For what it’s worth, the idea of keeping your dog cooped up in a cage that’s barely big enough to turn around in disgusts us too. Rather than just make sure your dog has shelter, our dog kennel’s care takes into account your dog’s overall comfort.

No matter your dog’s breed or size, it needs to get regular exercise, which is why Shuswap Pet Resort Dog Kennel has both indoor and outdoor facilities. When the weather in Vernon, BC is rough, there are plenty of toys and places to explore in our air-conditioned indoor areas. And when the sun is out, we have ample green space for your dog to run to its heart’s content.

Some dog owners get concerned with the idea of their dogs running free, but we assure that the area is secure and that a member of our staff will be keeping a close eye on all the dogs during their outdoor time. If your pooch has a history of behavioral problems, specifically having trouble getting along with other dogs, we can arrange to make sure they have their own exercise regimen so as to avoid any potential altercations with our other furry guests.

Long-Term Dog Boarding

While most of our clients are only leaving their dogs with us for a short period of time, we do offer long-term dog boarding. If you were a dog and you had to be away from your family from an extended period of time, where would you want to stay? With an extended family member who is busy balancing work and a personal life or with a little place in the country where there is a ton of room to run around and there are trained dog kennel professionals taking care of your every need? Personally, we would choose the latter.

Long-term dog boarding is a challenge for any dog kennel. For it to be successful, it requires excellent, dedicated care as well as an atmosphere that strikes the balance between soothing and stimulating. With all the space, areas to explore and world class dog kennel staff, we are confident we can provide exceptional long term care for your best friend.

When you enroll your dog in our kennel’s long-term dog boarding program, they aren’t just our guest, they are a part of our family. Our goal is to build a bond with your dog so that we can meet their needs and make them feel loved even though they are far away from their real family. And yes, it is bittersweet to see these long-term stays comes to an end but it’s all worth it to see how excited your dog is when you are finally reunited.

How to Find the Perfect Dog Kennel

If you’ve never left your pet at a kennel before it’s understandable that you would want to check all the options. It’s also very normal to feel slightly guilty or nervous about leaving them on their own for an extended period. However, when your dog stays with us at our amazing Vernon BC pet resort, they are not alone. We make it a priority to allow them roaming and play time, consistent walks and more. Your dog will be too busy having fun to miss home!

Still a bit weary? No worries, we get it—your pet is a part of the family. To help you out, we’ve compiled a checklist that might make your decision easier:

Word of mouth: Getting a recommendation from someone you know is always helpful. Also, positive online reviews positive and good feedback demonstrates that clients took the time out of their day to write a positive review. Shuswap Pet Resort has a five-star rating on Facebook because we really do love our jobs, and it shows in the way we provide for your pet.

Clean facilities and large fields: A kennel without a large grassy area or big outdoor space should not be in business, unless it’s a kennel for cats. Your dog needs room to roam free and run around—how can they do that if the area is the size of a small backyard? At Shuswap, our location is ideal! We are in a beautiful country setting with trees and an extensive landscape. It’s beautiful here in Vernon BC, just look at some of our images!

Safety, supervision and sleeping facilities: You want to find a responsible kennel that understands the importance of pet security and safety. From the temperature levels in the kennel to 24-hour supervision and secure fences, our team is very aware of the impact a hot/humid or freezing cold day can have on an animal. We create the ideal temperature setting in our kennels so that they can escape the heat or the cold. All our fences are of a specific quality and height, so that your pet cannot escape. We also have many employees on hand so that we are never short staffed and can keep an eye on our pup squad at all times!

For more information on our Shuswap Pet Resort Dog Kennel Vernon BC services, give us a call today!