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Cat Sitting in Vernon

Going away on vacation, or a weekend getaway is always exciting. It means that you get to experience a mini escape from your busy schedule! However, as a pet owner you know that leaving your feline behind isn't fun at all, in fact it can be downright nerve-wracking and stressful. That is why Shuswap Pet Resort offers cat sitting services to the residents of Vernon B.C. Our pet caregivers are trained, skilled and take great pride in nurturing your fur baby until you get back home. In fact, your cat will likely feel more rested than you do.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

Over the years, we've been entrusted with countless pets and earned ourselves a loving and reliable reputation. If you don't want to leave your cat in the hands of a neighbor, or a busy friend, choose Shuswap. With round the clock care, we'll make sure they are perfectly content, well fed and given playtimes. You won't need to worry about your feline at all, because they will be in a fun and safe environment surrounded by a generous animal loving team of trained workers.

Cat Sitting Services

Your cat is part of the family, and separating from them for an extended period of time will likely leave you feeling guilty and gloomy. We know cats are some of the most loving and intelligent creatures in existence, but we also understand that they can be finicky. Our cat sitters will provide:

  • Food, specified meal times
  • Fresh Water
  • Cleaning, clearing litter
  • Playtime
  • Cuddles
  • Medication
  • Treats

Dedicated Team

Shuswap Pet Resort asks pet owners for a detailed list of information concerning their feline, which we use as reference. This is how we keep your pet happy. By sticking with a schedule, feeding them their favourite food brand and giving them the attention they want! If your cat is older or heavier, we will cater to those needs, whether it be a specific diet or time sensitive medication.

Older Felines and Kittens

At Shuswap our business is animals, and we know that just like people, a pet's age determines their preferences. Whether we are watching a new kitten or an older one; we'll make sure to supply them with the amount of time and affection they want. Kittens are full of boundless energy and need a lot more playtime than an elderly cat, who will likely prefer to sleep and take it easy. Our pet sitters will get to know your cat's personality and allow them to dictate the routine.

Cat Boarding for Travelers

If you are travelling with your pet and are unable to keep them at your lodging, we will happily procure a spot for them at Shuswap! This way you'll be able to go out and experience Vernon without worrying about your beloved cat. There is a lot more freedom involved in a vacation when you don't have anything to be concerned about.

Why Choose a Professional Cat Sitter?

There are very few downsides in regards to going on vacation, but leaving your furry, feline friend behind certainly ranks at the top. But when it is time to be apart, even for a small amount of time, what is the best course of action? Asking a friend to swing by to check on the cat once a day or bringing them to the professional cat sitters at Shuswap Pet Resort?

Let’s face it, asking a friend to take a few minutes to pop by your home to check on your cat is convenient. Not only will they do it out of love for your pet or simply out of the kindness of their heart, they can make sure that your pet is secure and that your home is too. Plus, cats can experience an intense amount of anxiety whenever they enter new environments. So, your cat will typically be very relaxed in a place that’s familiar to them and you will have spared yourself the hassle of getting your feline friend into a cat carrier.

That said, there are a number of benefits pet owners can reap when they entrust their cats to Shuswap Pet Resort’s cat sitting services. Some of the benefits to consider include:

Constant Care

When you ask a friend to care for your cat while you’re away, you don’t really know what kind of commitment you’re getting. Will they take the time to find your cat if they have gone into hiding? Will they make an effort to engage with your cat, giving it the affection it needs? Or will they simply scoop some food into their bowl, ignore the dirty litterbox and leave?

With professional cat sitting services, you are guaranteed to know that your cat is being cared for in a way that you see fit. When you arrange accommodations for your cat, simply tell our staff what your cat needs, likes or wants and we’ll be sure to give it the care it needs at all times.

Specialized Training

Our staff is passionate about pets. So much so that they have received specialized training to recognize a problem with your pet faster than your average friend. If your cat has special needs, such as requiring oral medications, injections, or any other kind of specialized care, we have all the technical knowhow to properly administer the care your cat needs. Trusting a professional to give the special treatment your cat needs provides owners with invaluable peace of mind whenever they are away.

Most importantly of all, the Shuswap Pet Resort has built our livelihood on providing Vernon pets with the best possible care. Our success depends on building lasting relationships with Vernon pet owners and the only way to do that is by making sure each and every pet that passes through our doors is treated with the utmost care. You can trust us to do the best job whenever we care for your cats, just ask any of our former customers.


If you live in the Vernon area or are looking to stay close by and need a cat sitter, Shuswap Pet Resort is ideal! Feel free to pop by and see the place for yourself, or give us a call to book a cat sitting or boarding appointment. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns and are looking forward to meeting that fur monster of yours!