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Cat Sitter in Salmon Arm

Although the thought of bringing your fur baby along with you every time you leave your Salmon Arm residence may be your preference, travelling with a cat is not always possible or practical. Shuswap Pet Resort provides professional, responsible and professional cat sitting services that accommodate your cat’s every need and offers pet owners peace of mind.

Making Your Cat Comfortable

More than just your average pet boarding service, our experienced and pet loving personnel will quickly familiarize themselves with the unique personality of your cat to determine its particular needs and preferences for play and rest. Whether your cat is a little older and set in his or her ways, or perhaps shy or unsociable; or is a young kitten with lots of playful and mischievous energy, Shuswap Pet Resort pet sitting specialists are committed to making every cat comfortable during their stay with us at our location. For either long term boarding, or a weekend away, our cat friendly site is equipped with the toys, rest spots and even music that your cat will enjoy.

Special Consideration for Cats with Special Needs

Salmon Arm cat owners can rest assured that any special needs and health concerns will be carefully noted and precisely carried out as instructed. If your cat requires medication, or is on a special diet, Shuswap staff will care for your pet as if it were our own. We are committed to your cat’s comfort and well-being and pride ourselves on the expertise and gentleness of our staff who have bonded with even the most timid and unsociable pets.

Signs Your Cat Needs a Sitter

You might be on the fence about getting a cat sitter. Maybe a cat sitter seems like a bit of a luxury. People will tell themselves that while a cat sitter would be nice, it’s not necessary. You don’t want to seem like one of those people who over-pamper their animals with high-end food, expensive toys, and excessive grooming.

You might feel like your cat doesn’t need a cat sitter at all. After all, cats are different than dogs, aren’t they? A dog needs to be walked at least twice a day, they need to be fed, and need to engage in a fun activity or two each day. But cats? Cats are independent animals. Cats don’t need to be walked on a leash. If you leave food out, they will eat it when they wish. And besides, they don’t even like people, right?

Or maybe you feel selfish for wanting to get a sitter for cat overnight care. You feel guilty for wanting to be away from home in the first place. You think it is irresponsible to put your animal’s care in the hands of a paid stranger. If you have a cat, you should be prepared to take care of it.

Well, the truth is, some cats need sitters. Some cats might not even need sitters, but it is still good to have someone be around as a precaution. You never know what could happen. The most calm and collected cat could accidentally knock over a bookshelf, get sick, or grow restless and claw at furniture.

Here are several reasons you might consider seeking out the pet care services of Shuswap Pet Resort:

  1. Does your cat ration their food? If your cat eats all the food left out for them, they might eat an entire day or weekend’s worth all at once. They could become constipated or even vomit. If this is how your cat eats, it is in your benefit to have them in the care of a Shuswap cat sitter. They can monitor your kitten’s eating to make sure they are not overeating.
  2. If your cat is always scratching furniture or pushing things off tables, you probably need a cat sitter. You shouldn’t have to buy new furniture after leaving your cat alone for a day!
  3. While many cats are very independent, some of them require lots of affection. Do you have a cat who is always following you around or who cries if you’re in another room? Cats with separation anxiety require the attention of a caring cat sitter.
  4. Sometimes cats don’t need a cat sitter, but you do. If you’ve never given yourself a day off from being a pet owner, maybe it is time you give yourself some slack. You can go away for a long weekend or just for a day. You will be able to rest easy knowing that your cat is in the hands of the caring professionals at Shuswap Pet Resort.

A Vacation for your Kitty

It is understandable for owners to worry that their cat may have trouble adjusting when they must leave then for a few days, yet in the majority of cases; our cat guests begin quickly exploring our exclusive cat friendly playroom almost immediately and settle in rather nicely within a few hours after their owners are gone. Fully climate controlled our well-furnished “cattery” is fully equipped with a 24/7 camera and monitor in addition to a state-of-the-art alarm system

Keeping All Cats Safe

In order to protect the safety of all animals, Shuswap kindly requests that your cat’s vaccines be up to date and for you to inform us about any contagious conditions in advance.

We remind all cat owners that in addition to the adjustment of being in new surroundings and away from a loving owner, a change in diet can be stressful for your pet. Please inform us in advance regarding any dietary considerations that your cat is accustomed to. We also encourage pet cat owners to bring along special toys or a piece of clothing to provide comfort.

Shuswap Pet Resort offers customized cat sitting solutions whenever cat owners in Salmon Arm must leave their cherished pets. With extensive years of experience in pet sitting, you can rest assured that your cat is in good and safe hands and will come to recognize our Pet Resort as a home away from home.